Why you should always optimise your photos

If you are a photographer you are going to be dealing with photos as an everyday occurrence.  Your photos are your best promotion tool, people love what they see then they will buy into your brand and hire your services.  However photographers photos at high resolution and full size can mean very large files.  Then if you scale down the images, or save for web at a lower resolution it is very easy to loose the quality of the image.  Therefore you need to optimise your photos is a particular way, to ensure you keep the quality but reduce the file size to as small as possible.

If you are wondering why you should bother optimising your photos for your website here are some reasons;

Your website will load quickly
You will save £££s on hosting
It is tonnes better for SEO
Your clients will love you more!

Fortunately to make your life easier there is an awesome App called JPEGmini which enables you to batch upload your photos.  It then automatically optimises the files for you with no compromise on quality, whatsoever!


If you want to learn more, we have chatted with Mitch from JPEGmini who explains why they created JPEGmini and the importance of performing this little task for all your photos that you use online.

Mitch is based in Israel and travels internationally promoting JPEGmini.

Hey Mitch, firstly why did you setup JPEGmini?

JPEGmini was developed in order to reduce the file size of JPEG images without compromising their quality. It is based on a patented perceptual quality measure we have developed, which has very high correlation to human vision. Our technology finds the highest compression level that can be used for each individual JPEG image, while our quality measure ensures that an average viewer won’t notice any visual difference between the original and the optimized image.

Why is it important to optimise images for websites?

The main motivation for making your web images smaller is to reduce the page load time, which increases the responsiveness of your website. It is well known that faster loading pages result in higher user engagement, lower abandonment rates and better monetization.

Who are your main target clients?

We have two main types of clients: The first is Creators – professional and semi-professional photographers, who want to reduce the storage requirements and the upload times of their photos. For these clients, we offer the JPEGmini Pro desktop software application for PC and Mac, and JPEGmini Suite which includes plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom.

The second is Developers, who are building photo sharing services or image-rich websites, and want to embed the photo optimization functionality in their services, websites or apps. For these clients, we offer JPEGmini Server which is a Linux application and library for image optimization, JPEGmini Web Uploader which optimizes images as they are uploaded by users, by running directly in the browser, and JPEGmini Mobile SDK, which integrates into Android and iOS apps providing the ability to optimize images on the user’s mobile device.

Do you offer any other services?

Beamr also offers video optimization products, based on similar technology to JPEGmini, which reduce the size of H.264 and HEVC video files by 20-50% without compromising their quality. These products are offered only to developers. What top websites and businesses have used JPEGmini? Several of the world’s top 5 photo sharing services are using JPEGmini. Unfortunately we cannot share their names due to non-disclosure agreements. In addition, very large e-commerce services are using JPEGmini, as well as many smaller websites.

Is JPEGmini best for developers? Or can anyone use it?

As stated above, we have products both for developers and for creators. Any other top advice you can give website owners who use a lot of images? Ensure that your images are always the highest quality. Blurry, low resolution or over-compressed images will create the perception of a cheap and sloppy website, and will hurt your brand. Make sure you take high-quality sources, and inspect your image processing workflow (resize, crop, graphics overlay, etc.) to verify that you use high-quality algorithms and tools throughout this process. And when your final image is ready for deployment on your website – don’t forget that last step of optimizing with JPEGmini. You do this once, and distribute again and again to all your website visitors – they will thank you for a faster-loading website that is a snap to use.


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How to optimise photos

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Photo of Mitch by David Anthony Williams


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