Why I started a Podcast and why you should hire a mentor, right now!

For me, this time last year looked very different than it does now, for many reasons.  There were some big personal changes for myself and for my business things had got super tough, which I have only come out the other side of, a year later!  What really helped me through this super stressful period and something I have found to benefit from in life and business is listening to Podcasts.  I used to not really understand what a podcast was and why anyone would listen to them, but about 3 years ago I started to listen to the Smart Passive Income Podcast with Pat Flynn and was immediately hooked.  That coupled with Russel Brand’s Underneath the Skin I honestly can say Podcasts have changed my life.

Never before have we been able to learn so much from other people’s experiences, whether it is with business or in life, but the real beauty of Podcasts is that anyone can create one and they are not bias or will contain any media spin or propaganda that you get from watching the news or reading a national newspaper.  I now find myself completely addicted to learning and self development, which I can can firmly say is because of the amazing world of Podcasts.

Taking a punt

So during the turbulent time of running Grizzly Bear last year, I listened to the latest episode of Smart Passive Income and it interviewed a designer from Israel called Sagi Shriber.  His story absolutely resonated with me and I learned how he turned his life completely around and managed to get himself out of almost $50K worth of debt in just a year all with the help of a business mentor.  I took a punt at getting in contact with him via Facebook after joining his Creativepreneur Facebook Group and Sagi immediately got back in contact and we had a chat.  I told him about what had been going on and he gave me about 3 sessions for free before we decided to work together.  I then signed up for Sagi’s business mentoring, which was to be one of the best business decisions I have ever made.

Coach or mentor, what’s the difference?

People often confuse a business mentor with a business coach.  There is a difference, a coach is someone who will help you get to a specific destination and encouragement to do so, whereas a mentor is someone who will offer their opinion and get to know you personally.  Think of a football coach who coaches a team, whereas a mentor is someone who should be more suited to your personality and want to help you evolve and achieve your goals.

How to decide who to work with

So, I choose to work with Sagi as my business mentor, as he was from a design entrepreneurial background he was also really interested in meditation and self development which I myself love so I knew we were a good fit.  A big tip I can give having gone through this process is to make sure you pick someone who is ahead of you, but not too far ahead.  If we say about 18 months ahead of where your business is right now you should seek a mentor who can show you the best path to success and achieving your goals.  You might even be able to find a mentor who will help you for free to enable them to then get experience in mentoring so they can then offer it as a service as their business evolves.  Or if you find an experienced mentor and feel they will suit you well, make sure you have a good chat to get to know them first and see if you gel well and can form a plan that works for you, it might be one of the best investment you ever make for you personally and business.


Design your vision

The plan I made with Sagi was called a 6 month vision map.  This is where you specify exactly what you want to have achieved in 6 months time, you then work backwards month by month, week by week and plan out how you are going to make each goal achievable.  Part of the plan we made together was for me to start a podcast and also create my own Facebook community called the Brandpreneur Community.

My Podcast

The Podcast has been long in the making, it’s amazing the connections you can make when you start to look for guests for your podcast and I am super excited to announce the first episode will come out at the end of May 2019.  I have very little real interview experience and know I can be pretty monotone!  But if you don’t put yourself in uncomfortable situations, you never evolve or learn.  I really hope this is the start of a really helpful and inspirational chats with creative entrepreneurs from all over the world.

Brandpreneur PodcastEnjoy!

Adam 🙂

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