New branding, website, and products!

Hey! So here it is, the new website and brand for Grizzly Bear Design.

I created Grizzly Bear Design in 2008, that is 10 years ago!  It’s been an incredible journey so far, one that has gone down many paths, with twists and turns meeting many great folk along the way and doing some incredible design and marketing work to help other businesses around the world succeed.

The business has been able to naturally evolve over that time, from providing just graphic design services and Flash websites back in to late noughties to moving into full branding and bespoke WordPress websites, ending up serving mainly the creative industry and in particular photographers. Grizzly Bear owes a lot to the photography industry and sincerely thanks all the clients that have supported, promoted and just generally bigged us up to the masses, honestly without good people like you, Grizzly would be nada!

Branding and bespoke WordPress websites are still at the core of the business but we now offer pre-built WordPress themes, which are available to buy and download here.  We have also developed several WordPress plugins which have been built on requests from photographers to help make their processes and lives easier.  As well as free online advice and downloadable guides which can be purchased online here, Grizzly Bear now aims to help all levels of creative businesses succeed and wants to ensure it serves and carries on to create long lasting client friendships, where we can all support and help to succeed together.

If you have any ideas or problems that you think Grizzly could help design and develop a solution for, get in touch I would love to hear from you.

Here’s to new bigger, better and more Grizzly times ahead…!

‘If you’re gonna be a bear, be a Grizzly…’


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