Why you should NOT hire a SEO Guru by a SEO Guru!

Here we have the first of a series of guest blog interviews that I am going to be putting out there over the next few months.  These will be covering various aspects of running an online business, whether it is technical help with a website, copywriting or the difference branding can make for your business I am going to interview a set of experienced experts in the creative industry to help you.

The first is with Grizzly Bear client and fellow Manchester man David Stubbs.  David runs a wedding photography business in Manchester and is massively recognised world wide for his incredible photography.  His work has been featured on blogs, magazines and won numerous global awards.  David is super genuine and has become well known about spreading his knowledge of SEO within the wedding photography industry.  Wedding photography like so many creative industries has changed rapidly and evolved into a super competitive industry with various collective groups arising.  David has always been super on top of his marketing and in particular SEO.  He has run many SEO workshops exclusively for wedding photographers for many years now and they always sell out.   He teaches his working knowledge and experience of SEO and how any wedding photographer who has their own WordPress website can learn the best methods to gain high results and enquiries.

In this interview David sets the record straight with the pretty grey and misty world of SEO for creative businesses.

So from your knowledge and experience running a photography business that relies mainly on having a good website visible by Google, what does SEO mean today?

SEO is not what it used to be. Gone are the times if you completed all the boxes correctly or hit the right amount of characters you had ‘successfully done your SEO’.

How do you think it has changed over the last 5 years?

A few years ago it was easy. Just pay someone who knows what they are doing to do a once over on your website and your where set-up for the good while. That was fine when wedding photographers were still running studios or high street shops. But now there are more wedding photographers than taxi drivers the game has changed. I intentionally use the word ‘game’ as it is just one big game. The name of this game… ‘Who can prove to Google why they are more relevant?’. I’m sure there is a catchy Christmas board game in there somewhere!

Haha, so what do photographers need to do in this new game of playing with Google?

No amount of completing the boxes correctly, or traffic light systems is going to prove you more relevant than the next photographer. Every bit of everything you do online feeds and impacts proving your relevance. Everything from posting a photo on Facebook, updating your portfolio page on your website, blogging a recent wedding. SEO is ingrained in EVERYTHING you do. No SEO guru can do this for you. Well they could actually, but they would be running your business for you. Something I would quite happily do for you for no less than £10k a month. That’s how involved it is.

Crazy, yeah I know from my own business how much work is involved.  I think it’s all about having a SEO mind, and making sure you apply it to everything you do online. So what would you advise creatives and photographers do to go about SEO now?

The good news, with clear guidance, knowing how to prove yourself most relevant, you can feed good SEO practice throughout every little bit of your business. Every Tweet, Facebook post, website update, blog you write becomes an opportunity to prove yourself to Google. Prove yourself so worthy that Google has no choice other than want to push your website high up the ranking for searching to see. Only you can do this.

Finally what are your top 5 tips for creatives and photographers to keep on top of their SEO.

1) Have a deep understanding of what Google is looking for, and more importantly – why. This will then enable you implement SEO into everything you do.

2) Blog regularly. I try once a week, but ends up around 30 a year.

3) Consider your SEO when using social media, social media is very powerful in proving your relevance.

4) SEO Edge app is the best our there for general SEO feedback on your own website. It’s not perfect but very handy. Strongly recommended.

5) Make sure that at least occasionally you log into your search console to check there are no errors or problems with your site.

SEO for wedding photography websites

To learn more about SEO David runs group workshops in Manchester from time to time he also offers 1-2-1 training that can be completed remotely or in person.  David can also offer mentoring to photographers.

To find out more about his SEO workshops please go to his website here:  David Stubbs SEO

David’s wedding photography please go here

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