Latest News + Bookings for September

Hey, it’s been a while since I did a news update on the business.  It’s been super busy, intense and exciting all rolled into one.  The serious stresses of last year are behind me and the business is now setup better than ever before, with even bigger plans for the next few years.

The business continues to grow, and I am now working with a brilliant new graphic designer who is working on a lot of the new branding work.  All brand journeys are with me until we finalise the concept and create the final vision, I then work along side my designer to get the final results.

I have a load of new branding and websites which are going live in the next few weeks, as usual I have absolutely loved working with all my recent clients and had brilliant feedback along the way, thank you guys!  It’s amazing when you form a creative relationship and work together to get awesome results which will then go on to attract the dream client and help that creative business grow naturally.


Other news, we continue to support the guys over at Nine Dots and I am currently designing their 5th birthday T-shirt design which is for the Gathering in London on November 11th, 12th & 13th.  I think they have about 2/3 tickets left, so if you are an aspiring new wedding photographer and want to mingle with the best and have a totally amazing and inspiring time, get that ticket booked!  You can become a member too, with loads of brilliant benefits including 5% off Grizzly Bear branding and website services.

WordPress themes for photographers

Ansel WordPress theme

We are continuing to improve our WordPress theme, Ansel.  There have been a handful of start-up wedding photographers use the theme, and we have got great feedback to go on to improve the design and usability.


Hosting for photography wesbitesMaintenance & Hosting

Hosting, I parted company with UKFast in April this year after using their services for over 4 years.  The server had been a target of various security issues, and the extra security costs for a dedicated server were just not profitable.  Couple that with super cheap and good hosting offered by companies such as Siteground, it was impossible to compete.  So we have totally re thought the hosting service and now use a company called Flywheel, who offer specialist super fast WordPress only hosting.  Their support is truly awesome, security top notch and it is so easy to use their back-end control panel which Grizzly clients get access to.  With this new more managed hosting we have been able to reduce the cost of the hosting and give a much better service.  Plus if you add our maintenance onto the hosting, you never need to worry about updating your plugins and WordPress versions, and we will fix any issues that are caused during updates.  See full details here for our WordPress hosting and maintenance.

Help for wedding photographerasResources & FAQs

You may have noticed some new sections on the website.  My favourite is our Resources section!  This is a curated list of services and products that I recommend you use.  Copywriters, books, events, podcasts, plugins, hosting, domain companies…and more!  This area is designed to make your life loads easier and to help you pick the right service for your creative business.  There is also a new FAQs section on the site too, so I have tried to gather all the questions asked over the years in that!  Hit me up if you have a question and I will add it there.

Ginger Bear Weddings Photoshoot

I had a great brand portrait shoot with Grizzly client Paul Williams from Ginger Bear Weddings.  Here are a few sneak peeks, my girlfriend described one of the photos as harrowing… Can you guess which one?!

Brandpreneur PodcastPodcast

You may have seen me mention I have started a Podcast, well yeah I have indeed!  I started it last year, but as you can imagine it is super hard to complete a series and get it right, and I have been slowly working on perfecting it all.  It’s so close now though and I have interviews with National Geographic photographer Gabrielle Galimberti  Family, wedding and Instagram super stars James and Jo Melia Byron Bay based (slightly jealous) Mark Condon who created Shot Kit, Creative copywriter Franky Shanahan from Love Audrey, new comer wedding photographer and Grizzly client Ste Walker plus an interview with me and my business mentor Sagi Shriber.

Affiliate Program now LIVE!

Other exciting news, we now have an affiliate program in place.  If you are interested in this and want to earn a bit of extra cash, email me here.

Amazing websites for photographersBookings

Finally bookings!  We are fully booked until the end of August for branding and websites.  But still able to take your booking and get your account setup so you can get everything ready to start work in September.

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