Gutenberg, don’t update WordPress JUST YET!

Hey, at time of writing this, tomorrow WordPress are releasing their next update WordPress 5.0,  the update will come with the new fantastic editor called Gutenberg, although it is not that fantastic, just yet!  If you haven’t already got the message, DO NOT update your WordPress website to WordPress 5.0 as it will cause some big issues and break your website.

Long term Gutenberg editor is going to be great but many sites including WordPress websites built by us, are not currently compatible with the new editor.  This is going to take time to work out, as even WordPress does not know entirely how the new update is going to work with all the current WordPress themes, bespoke sites and plugins.

As long as you do not update your site to WordPress 5.0 there is no need for alarm, as the site will run using the classic editor and just stay exactly as it is.

For Grizzly clients who have bespoke WordPress websites with us, we will be getting in contact with you over the next month to make plans and suggestions to accommodate your site to work with the new editor Gutenberg.

For our WordPress theme users, similar situation please do not update yet until we have altered the theme to accommodate the new editor.

Any current and new bespoke WordPress sites we are building are going to use the new editor and in more exciting news our next pre-built WordPress theme called Leibovitz will be built using Gutenberg.

Any questions please comment here and I will answer!

Cheers for the read!



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