Transform Your Photography Businesses into a Successful, Sought-After Brand


Whether you want a completely new beginning for an established business or the best start for your start-up, we approach every project with fresh eyes.

Our in-depth branding process is designed to give you confidence and clarity. Because when you understand your dream can speak to them directly, marketing your business with ease.

We also offer hosting and site maintenance, so once everything’s up and running, you’ll be free to concentrate on your craft and keep doing the work you love

Let’s chat!

Hey! I’m Adam and I run Grizzly Bear Design from my studio in the North West of England, far away from any real grizzlies.

Like You. I’m a creative at heart.

From the moment I could pick up a pencil, I’ve been making
art, drawing, painting, and producing digital work on computers. After completing a degree in Fine Art and Photography, a career in Graphic Design seemed like the perfect fit. I can’t add up and my spelling is terrible, but I’ve always been able to create great visuals and beautiful imagery.

With more than a decade of experience. I now head up a talented team of freelancers who share my passion for creativity and design. I personally oversee every project from the initial enquiry right through to launching and beyond. We’ll listen to what you want, figure out what you need, and deliver bespoke solutions that will set you and your business apart.

Join the community

I believe in community over competition and I’m always trying to reduce the degree of separation between like-minded entrepreneurs.

If you fancy chatting with fellow creative business owners, sharing ideas and learning as you go, join the Brandpreneur Community Facebook Group. It’s fun, it’s free, and it’s packed full of valuable insight from people who totally get what you’re going through.