A guide to how to write copy for your new website

I have been designing websites for photographers for over 6 years and the one of the biggest stumbling blocks that most client’s struggle and often totally forget about is the copy (roughly translated as all the text!) What clients often forget is just how important this content is. Obviously you want to tell your potential wedding couple about yourself, your services and maybe even your prices but where do you put this info and how should it be written? Often because this task is so daunting it will get left by the wayside, so my advice is get this written first, before you do anything other preparation for your new site.

I have compiled a guide here which is designed to help you really think about the best way to go about this. How to drop important key phrases into the copy so that Google knows what your core services are and will rank you for that information. Everyone has heard the phrase ‘content is king’, the recent Google updates that came into place at the end of last year have never been more important to write really good, well researched content with correctly placed keyphrases. The biggest tip that can be given is to be honest, provide easy to read copy, in short to medium paragraphs and link to sections within your site which will help your potential enquiry.

It is worth mentioning here the style in which you should write your copy, this needs to be ‘on brand’ so if you have gone through a branding process then you will have been guided in how to find your voice and how this will connect with your dream client. If in doubt just be yourself, be professional, factual and as helpful as possible.

So typically you will have the following pages; Home, About, Weddings, Info, Blog, Contact. I have broken down each page as follows;

Home page

Write 3 paragraphs, introducing yourself and what you do.  Remember this is the first content your enquiry will read so you want to hook them in, remember to make it on brand!

The first paragraph may include an introduction, make the 2nd paragraph about what you do.  Try to include some keyphrases here which is good for SEO reasons, so include a phrase such as ‘Manchester wedding photography’ or ‘family photographer in Lancashire’.

The 3rd paragraph should be a ‘call to action’ this is to get people to click onto other sections of the website such as your portfolio or directly to the contact page.

Here are some good examples of home pages;

•  Kelly Clarke Photography

•  Andrew Billington Photography

•  ARJ Photography


This is obviously all about you, but also what you really need to make it about is your couples that you want to attract.  You want the user to fall in love with your personality, show that you are creative and capable.  Talk about how much you love your clients and possibly what they are like, talk about your experience and background.  You may want to mention about your family, remember who you are trying to attract and what they will want to know about you.  Ideally include professional photos of yourself here.

Make it different, don’t just talk about the camera your Dad gave you when you were a kid or that you love a good cup of tea. Be different, connect to your audience and shout as much as you can about your personality and why they should book you today!

Here are some examples of about pages;

•  Ginger Beard Weddings

•  Anna Hardy Photography

•  David Stubbs Photography

Weddings Gallery

This is obviously your wedding gallery, but I advise copy to be written here as Google will much prefer to read what that web page is about.  So you only need to come up with a paragraph about wedding photography.  Include keyphrases here, maybe mention some venues or parts of the country that you have shot weddings.  Google will pick this up and help when someone is searching for your services. Why not include some tips about getting ready for your wedding or links to helpful articles about how to plan for your wedding.

If you have other photography services such as family, new born, portraits just repeat this for each section and keep the style and message consistent.

Example of portfolios with copy;

ARJ Photography

(notice here the keyphrases which are linked)

•  Lottie Elizabeth Photography


You may want to include some introductory text about the blog, again good to include keyphrases here.

Coming up soon will be a blog post on how to write the perfect blog by a couple of guest expert photographers! 🙂

Your services info

So this is your big chance to talk exactly about what services you provide, this can totally be different to each photographer as you will approach your packages, services, style and way you book your clients in many different ways. Some top tips for this is to keep it simple, people do not want to read through sentences of waffle about what you do, they just need to know what service you provide, how you approach.  You can then hit them with the finer details once you have ‘sold’ your services and they are eager to book.  Again think about your client, how will they act when they are on your website, what will push them to make the enquiry?  This can be as subtle as writing the right copy and linking it to your contact or enquiry page.


Just needs to be short and provide the best way for people to contact you.

But you need a good contact form here, so you need to ask the questions you need answers to the most.  Like, names, dates, venues, wedding size, maybe some quirky questions about the couple to get to know what they are like before you agree to work with them.

Some examples;

•  Andy Tyler Weddings

•  ARJ Photography

Now what next?  If you feel you are no good at writing your own copy then hire someone to do it for you.  Draft up all your pages and either bullet point what you want to say or write out everything you want to say, then hire a copywriter to professionally rewrite it for you.  Remember this is a great investment as you will be able to reuse this copy for years to come, never underestimate the power of well written, content rich copy.  If you have gone through a branding journey too, ensure you let your copywriter know this as this needs to be reflected int he style and message you want to get across.

I would recommend using Fiverr to find a copywriter, it can be quick, easy and really cost effective.  Take time to research the best copywriter for the job, and look at the reviews and comments.

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