Personal branding to ignite your future

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We have over 10 years experience working closely with businesses and creative individuals to listen and recognise their message and target market. To ensure your business has the right values, ethos and goals. This will then help attract your dream clients and your business will grow naturally.


Websites infused with your brand personality

Book in for a free no obligation chat today

Do you want a website that is like no other which shouts your brands’ personality, built with your SEO in mind?

We have been building groundbreaking bespoke WordPress websites for over 10 years, attempting to do something completely different for each client. Come and join the many who have benefited from this amazing investment!


Step one of effective branding is concisely sharing with people who you are,
what you do and why it matters. This is known as positioning and is the
first step you will take to create a longlasting, memorable and unique brand.

Step two, find your voice. How do you speak to your clients, how do you make
them feel and how do you want them to feel? This is a process of research
and engaging with your potential target market which will then help determine
the look and feel of your brand.

Step three, after you have gone through a professional branding process you
will then know exactly who you are, what your business is about and how this
should be represented visually. This is known as brand identity.

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Are you ready to completely transform your business and invest in your future sucesss? Join the hundreds of creative businesses and entrepreneurs who have used Grizzly Bear to help elevate their brand and take their business to the next level.
Whether you’re a new business looking to go through a DIY branding process, an established business owner who would like to work closely with us to find out exactly what your business is about, it’s ethos, values and ideal target market which can then be translated into a meaningful and beautiful brand, read on…

We want to be part of your success and hugely care about your business, our core values have always been to give value and to provide honest, upfront advice and go on to provide awesome branding for photographers, creative entrepreneurs and boutique businesses.  For start-ups, we offer pre-made logo design packs available to buy from our store here, as well as guides about branding your own photography business to help you make the right decisions in cementing your core values and ethos.

We offer website design to suit all; WordPress themes that have been built for photographers after many years of experience working closely with clients to provide an affordable and easy solution to help start-ups.  Through to totally bespoke WordPress websites built to fit your brand vision and attract your dream clients.

Browse our pre-built WordPress themes or read more about our personal branding and bespoke WordPress websites